CHRNS: personal page

Who Am I?

Hi everyone and you, too! My name is Alexander Tarasov (a.k.a. chrns). I was born 1990 years after Christ, in USSR, Sverdlovsk (currently Russia, Yekaterinburg).

Education: Bachelor's Degree, Radio Engineering (2008 — 2012, Ural Federal University); Master's Degree, Image processing in radioelectronic systems (2012 — 2014, Ural Federal University); Postgraduate, Radio Engineering (2015 — current, Ural Federal University).

Volunteer activities: worked at the student newspaper "RTF News" (2009, 2012-2014). The founder of the "Hardware Engineering Club" (autumn 2012 — summer 2016) at UrFU, RTF.

I like to take photos. Check my Instagram.

My skills

Administration: Windows NT, Linux

Languages: russian, english, german (studing)

Programming and so on: C\C++, C#, Java (Server\Android), Groovy, Matlab\Octave, Python, Lua, LaTeX, HTML, CSS

Other: PCB Design, STM32, etc

My projects

  • Stroming STM32 — my authorial interdisciplinary course on the creation of digital devices with STM32 microcontrollers. In the course you should solder a kit, program the device and learn how it was designed. You can order a kit from Make It Lab shop.
  • From an Idea to PCB: Memory blocks — course about how to design and trace a PCB with KiCAD.
  • ... coming soon ...

  • My Geography

    Places that I've visited