CHRNS: personal page

Hello everyone! It's my personal page on the Internet. Below this text you can find some news. The main menu can help you find other materials associated with me.


  • chrns::english

    Telegram channel about Ebglish @chrns_english

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  • From idea to PCB

    Project-oriented course about PCB tracing in KiCAD. Hardware implementation of MemoryBlocks


  • Course 'Stroming STM32' is released

    I finally finished my authorial interdisciplinary course on the creation of digital devices with STM32 microcontrollers. In the course you should solder a kit, programm the device and learn how it was designed. You can order a kit from Make It Lab shop.

  • The monitoring system for UAVs

    Device (based on STM32) monitors the status of the petrol engine: the cylinder temperature; RPM; voltage onboard network. All the data is sent to the PixHavk autopilot via UART. PixHavk firmware was modified for data processing (insert data into Malvik).

  • PWM-contoller for 'Remote Electronic Painter'

    Was modified the device for painting (with remote control), by order of a) replace one DC motor to nine servos; b) stock firmware was was modified (Atmel mcu); made additional control board of servos.

  • On Air!

    For the thousandth time, I've launched a site!

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